Sales ASAP

Times are tough. Read the daily papers at present and you are sure to observe serious doubts being expressed about our economic future and potential – more negative assessments, more pessimistic forecasting, more depressing de-motivational information. To sell in such a market will pose many challenges for sales people. There is little doubt that in order to achieve ambitious sales targets fresh and innovative thinking will be critical and essential.  Thought processes will need to refocus, like never before, on pro-activity and skillsets – two factors that separate the best from the average in the sales industry.  If business is not happening it must be made to happen.  In tough times, research shows: 25% of businesses fail, 70% survive, but 5% actually thrive. There is still hope for all!

Dermot has put together a sales course with a four stage approach to achieving a sales target in these difficult times.  The Sales ASAP (Attitude, Strategy, Application, Persistence) programme offers attendees:

  • An overall analysis of the importance of Attitude.   How it is formed and what shapes it on a day to day basis.  Remember: Your behaviours are a result of your decisions, not your conditions!
  • A detailed look at strategy planning – taking aim before you fire!
  • An assessment of application methodologies – which are the best to use at present and why …and lastly,
  • A detailed review of the art of persistence – why, for many, is it is so difficult to follow agreed plans and how to overcome the obstacles that threaten to sabotage your objectives and dreams.