Talkback with Don Harris

We were invited by Don Harris of Talkback recently to help him promote their services in short videos clips. Everyone likes hearing the truth. Revealing it helps facilitate change in people and prompts organisations to seek alternative ways to doing things. TalkBack provides just that service by interviewing at the coalface and securing valuable information in real time that helps individuals and organisations plan for further improvement. The spoken word is one of the most accurate and powerful forms of information exchange.

When given spontaneously, willingly and anonymously, informal honest unplanned feedback gathered unobtrusively almost anywhere can be of inestimable value to any change-receptive team or organisation. Imagine the potential that data will provide, carefully analysed and accurately interpreted. TalkBack help harness and use critical information.

They visit your event or company premises and record audio testimonials or interviews with staff, clients or guests in a suitable format for you to share with your HR manager or marketing team, upload to your website or just listen to, in the privacy of your office or car, frequently the place here time is more readily available.