Telephone skills


This course is designed to give both new and experienced staff, who regularly use the telephone, the confidence and motivation to approach prospects and customers. It will be customised to client’s exact requirements. It can cover sales – inbound and outbound, up selling, cross selling, customer service and how to make appointments for consultants. It can also cover debt collection.

It will illustrate how best to present and close business opportunities. Delegate numbers will be limited to allow an environment where learning can be maximised. We use a combination of several different learning methods but strongly place emphasis on role-play reinforcement of real life situations based on products and services relevant to the trainee’s organisation. Each of the trainees will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the skills discussed. This will give them confidence, motivation and above all else, the success you and team desire and require.

Programme content:

• Introduction and goals for the day

• Perfecting language / listening skills

• Structuring each call approach / Time management skills

• How to set focused goals for each call

• How to use Questions that count / establishing needs & wants

• How to handle client objections and be assertive in the process

• How to deal with irate customers and complaints

• How to communicate, influence and persuade with confidence

• Call follow up activity

• The secrets to good relationship-building with customers


Case study analysis

The best way for people to learn is to take part in and observe others in active role play simulations. A standard case study master worksheet is given to clients to complete in advance of any training and we incorporate these case studies into the programme. It is great to mix the “theory” and the “practice” in this way. The goal of the role plays is to examine:

• The structure of the call (The opening, the middle and the end)

• The words and phrases used (identifying the best vocabulary to use)

• How to handle difficult situations or people and

• How to gain commitment at the end of the call