Trusted Advisor Group TV

Dermot McConkey was involved in helping the Trusted Advisor Group (financial services sector) set up their Trusted Advisor Group TV process where the aim was to develop digital communication for its membership and public, nationwide. The process involved producing presentations that covered a Welcome to their website – , Membership details and rates, The Resource Team available to Members, News and Views plus advice if looking for sound financial advice.


Trusted Advisor Group – 3 World Review


In this presentation Dermot was asked to outline his 3 World Review process for members of the Trusted Advisor Group. In a world where trust has been destroyed by many individuals and organisations, Dermot feels it is vital that everyone reviews their financial standing on a regular and ongoing basis with a trusted advisor.  Because change is a constant it imperative people seriously review their tax situation, their loans, their savings and investments while making sure they have the most cost-effective protection in place should things go wrong.