Who I Am

In the future being good may not be good enough.


If you decide to invest your time and energy in expanding your company’s human capital expertise, you will no doubt, want to work with a company who can partner with and develop your talent in the most productive and easy way.

We believe Dermot McConkey Development & Training Ltd. is such a company. The company has been structured to address the major training needs of your organisation from a number of perspectives with creative and exciting solutions.

We believe we have specialist knowledge in the areas of personal and business development and in sales particularly. Our overriding objective is to expand our business using the proven strengths of our team to gain market share in a number of training and consultancy areas both in Ireland and internationally.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific training and development needs with you whenever it suits. It will cost nothing to have a talk. It could cost you a fortune if you don’t! After all, training does not cost. It pays.

Dermot McConkey Development & Training Ltd.


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