Consultative Sales Skills Development

More so than any time in the past, people now have a platform and voice to air their views. Why? Well, the internet, social media, multi-channel TV and mobile technology, to mention a few, have had a tremendous influence on the world of knowledge and communication.

Therefore, when it comes to selling, it follows that a consultative approach is best when dealing with prospective buyers – many of whom will already have formed an opinion on what they want and need relevant to their current situation.

A consultative approach can give you the edge in sales and help you convert more business. By consulting with your prospect, you prove you are not taking them for granted and, crucially, by asking them questions before you ever present to them, you are letting them know you know their issues and opinions from the start.

Our Consultative Sales Skills Development course helps salespeople become masters at consultation. Here is just some of the content:

Neuroscience and what it has taught us about selling

How to find prospects for your business

How to network for business

How to develop rapport and trust

How to discover your prospect’s wants and needs

How to present your solutions using non-sales words to describe your different features, advantages and benefits

How to ethically presuade and influence.

How to overcome objection and resolve issues of concern

How to close the deal – getting the prospect to say “yes” – closing the sale

Our programmes can be run over a one or two day period. A follow-up day approximately six weeks later is recommended to monitor the progress of trainees and the implemented ideas learnt on the programme. Our mantra is: “If things do not change, they are sure to stay the same!”

Course specifics:

Delivery is by a senior, experienced consultant

Customised graphic presentations on each course subject

Test questionnaires

Telephone call recording

Video support

Full audio visual support

Guideline handouts

Note holders